The Deeper Dig: Who pays for clean water?

Chris Kilian, Julie Moore and David Mears (left to right) at VTDigger’s panel on water quality. Photo by Mike Dougherty/VTDigger

On Thursday, a VTDigger panel discussion tackled the debate around how to clean up waterways across Vermont. Toxic algae blooms led to closed beaches on Lake Champlain this summer, and other bodies of water, like Lake Carmi, have suffered the effects of phosphorous pollution.
Environmental officials and conservationists have posed solutions, but the question remains: who pays?
David Mears, from the Vermont Law School, argued that a dedicated, long-term source of state funding would be the most reliable way to fund cleanup efforts. Julie Moore, Secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources, said that identifying the actual steps to mitigating pollution goes beyond the question of how to pay. And Chris Kilian, from the Conservation Law Foundation, said the solutions already exist — but the state has been to slow to implement them or enforce current regulations.
Hear highlights from Thursday’s discussion, moderated by Anne Galloway, on this week’s podcast. Read our event recap, or watch the full video on Facebook.
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