Authored By: Foo Bar Frank on 10/09/17
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We had a big weekend getting the vent pipe installed for the new composting toilet (Biolet.) We're also working on getting all the electric installed into the Bedbox. We have the line coming into the building with one GFC outlet installed to get us started. Hoping to be ready for walls soon!

Oh - and since we have electricity, we now have a toaster oven and refrigerator.

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Authored By: Foo Bar Frank on 10/04/17
Wll Water First FlowProgress ViewThe Compound
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Bed Box Shed DoorsBedbox Barn Door OpenBedbox Barn Door ClosedBedbox Material SampleMorning Dew
Authored By: Foo Bar Frank on 08/26/17
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Free DeckDeck FoundationView From Deck
Authored By: Foo Bar Frank on 10/18/16
Bedbox CabinBedbox Shack StovepipeStove with Fire Snow Load Beam & Factory WindowBarn Door Layout

The Sugarshack Bedbox Fall 2016

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Authored By: Foo Bar Frank on 10/19/16
Trash Picked DoorsTrash Picked Doors, now with green paintjobSliding Barn Door HangersSliding Tarps

Bed Box Panorama

Here's a new load of soon-to-be reclaimed oak floor (attic boards.) An inventory was taken so we know what's in the pile to work with. The widths, lengths and conditions vary. There are a few 11" x 9' boards that are really choice.  

Oak Floor Layout

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Authored By: Foo Bar Frank on 10/10/16
October leaf peeping at the Bedbox. Casement windows are now bringing in the light. Double-insulated custom glass panes are on order for the factory frame window ( let's hope they fit ! )

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Authored By: Foo Bar Frank on 10/05/16
Bedbox Shed Roof UpdateBedbox flat roof epdm

Today's lesson learned: Forget using nails (if you have electricity!)

Screws are so much faster and easier. We used an air compressor and nail gun on our last shack, it was kind of a pain to get the pressure right with the nail depths. The nail gun also needed a compressor and generator which was crazy loud. A hammer is still a great tool but the cordless screw driver makes life so much easier.

Box Cabin Frame

Pond Liner Rubber Roof

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Authored By: Celeste Woodworth on 06/19/16
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